Short Fire Forms

Short Fire Forms.  I often wonder whether the classical view of language is the right one or, at least, the only valid one. Once more to the bar, my friend, to ponder short words and lost souls.


About trevorbutcher

My art is what gets me thinking, and living in eastern Poland gives me more than enough to think about. I generally edit photographs into works of art, a medium I chose through practicality - I don't have to lug heavy thing around with me to do art, and I can still start with a notebook and pencil - or back of a used envelope and pen. My tool of choice is the kind of camera you might take with you on holiday, it only needs to be easy to carry and gather a composition with suitable lighting. Detail is not important, that's the part I deal with, the camera is just a convenient, full colour sketching device. And that is it - well, other than the 20+ hours of toil over a hot computer to produce that final, exhibition quality image.

One response to “Short Fire Forms

  1. Dear Mr Butcher,

    I am a journalist working for the Wall Street Journal newspaper. I am working on an article about pensions in Europe and as part of that I am writing about the Polish farmers’ pension system, as an example of how pensions work in the EU. I am hoping to visit Poland in the next couple of weeks in order to meet some farmers who are or know pensioners who rely on the pension system in Poland – and I wondered if you would be able to help me.

    I have been looking at Lubelskie as a possible place to visit as it is still heavily agricultural. I see that you have made exploring the province an area of expertise and I wondered if I could trouble you for any tips on local organisations for farmers or ways to find people to speak to about the farmers’ pension system? Is there anyone you know in the region who might be able to help?

    You can reach me at or +447880 472340. Thank you for your help!


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